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The lightness of an accessory enhances your outfit combinations for timeless elegance.

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The stoles

A fashion icon to style in many different ways


Our techniques


With the hand-sprayed technique, a unique explosion of colors and geometries emerges. Each product becomes a blank canvas for coloring, a mural or a contemporary painting.

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Our techniques

Digital Printing

Digital printing is carried out directly on the product after a careful search for the perfect design to represent. Through this technique, we have the possibility to choose the desired print while maintaining the authenticity of the fabric.

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Our techniques

Hand Painting

The hand printing is done directly on the cashmere fabric with color rollers, to give a touch of personalization to the product. The whole process of making this technique is carried out by skilled craftsmen who work the product with great attention.

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Our techniques


The dyed technique is characterized by dipping and airbrush workings, which create unique vintage effects, solid and false uni, giving life to a unique and essential accessory that will make every outfit very special.

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The purest fibers

Pure raw materials come to life thanks to innovative processing techniques and create unique garments of the highest quality handed down over time.

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About us

A family tradition

A history made of research and excellence, an in-depth study of innovative techniques and traditions that come together in the continuous attention to quality.

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