About Ama Pure

La ricerca della qualità

Research always starts from raw materials, in particular from their origin and rarity. Over the years, we’ve developed a knowledge of how to work silk, wool, linen and cashmere, materials we revered for their soft and luxurious fibers. Thanks to expert hands, proud to retrace and follow the tradition of the best Italian artisans, the line of products we offer is of premium quality.

Our story

Founded by Luciana Fazio, Ama Pure began producing homemade scarves and fabrics for well-known international fashion brands in 2010. After a long career as a Product Manager in the retail sector, Luciana Fazio knew that the origin of fabrics and yarns it was often not as pure as the label suggested. It was this time that prompted her to launch Ama Pure.

Gian Marco Tavani began his professional career in one of the most important American Fashion Groups, traveling between Milan, San Francisco, Paris, London and Monte Carlo. Strengthened by this experience, he enters the family business with determination to give an extra touch of innovation to the brand.

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